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Rich Chicken Stock Rice (Kow Man Guy)


This dish is also sometimes made with noodles, the chicken is cooked in a large stock pan and the resulting rich (slightly fatty) chicken stock is used to cook the rice. It's worth buying a corn fed chicken for this as the fat under the skin will give it extra flavour. 'Pickle Garlic Water' is the juice from a jar of pickled garlic used to impart a strong garlic and slight vinegar taste. Daikon Radish is a large white radish used to give flavour to soups, if you can't locate this vegetable use Swedes instead (Rutabagas).
There are 3 parts to this dish, a main plate for rice and chicken, a small soup bowl, and a sauce used to spice the dish.

Ingredient for a Family
Soup Ingredients
3 Cups of Rice
1 Whole Corn-fed Chicken
4 ltr Water
1 Garlic Head (Approx 6-8 Cloves)
1 Teaspoon pepper corns
1 Tablespoon Coriander leaves
5 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
4 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
3 Teaspoons Sugar
2 Tablspoons Pickle Garlic Water
1 Tablespoon Salt.
1 Daikon Radish
1 Stock Chicken soup.
1 Big boiling pan.

Ingredients for Sauce
1 Ginger root.
2 Teaspoons Soya Bean Sauce.
1 Tablespoon Salt.
1 Teaspoon Sugar.
2 Teaspoons Vinegar.
3 Chillies.
2 Garlic Clove.

Serve With
Cucumber slices
Tomato slices

Preparing the Stock Soup
1. Clean the chicken inside removing the innerds and remove the fat around the bottom.
2. Put the water in big boiling pan and place on a medium heat.
3. Pound the garlic, pepper corn, and coriander leaves together until they are well mixed and add to the boiling pan.
4. Add the stock cube, fish sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, salt, pickle garlic water to the boiling pan.
5. Chop the radish into thick sliced and it in the boiling pan and close the lid on.
6. When the soup is boiling put the chicken in and close the lid, turn heat down to simmer the soup and cook it gently for one and a half hours.

Preparing the Rice
7. Take about 1.5 ltrs of the soup from the pan and put in a rice cooker with the rice. If you do not have a rice cooker, use a pan on a gentle heat. Cook the rice gently until the stock has been absorbed and the rice cooked through.
8. Add more stock if the rice needs it.

Serving Chicken
9. Remove the chicken from the stock pan and leave to dry.
10. Chop it into bite sized pieces.
11. Place the rice, chicken and vegetables on a plate as in the photograph. Each person should also receive a small bowl of the chicken soup.


Preparation for the sauce
12. Pound the ginger, garlic, chillies in a pestle until well mixed.
13. Add the soy bean sauce, sugar, salt, vinegar and pound it again until the sauce is mixed.
14. This sauce should be served alongside the dish, guests can add a little or lot depending on their taste in chillis.

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This seems quite similar to Hainanese chicken rice. Delish!


Have just discovered your website - I am really impressed than ks so much

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