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Salted Crust Fish BBQ


I went camping at the beach last weekend at Thai Muang which is up the coast from Phuket. It's part of the enjoyment to head to the market, buy a fresh fish, stuff it, encrust it with sea-salt and barbecue it next to the sea!

Really stuffing, salting and barbecuing a fish is about as simple as cooking gets. You can prepare the fish then get the barbecue lit, which took quite a while with so little sea breeze. The salt has time to draw out some of the moisture in the skin and the herbs get time to infuse.

That also gave me time to find some rocks for my makeshift barbecue! I used an old suki pot, but it wasn't high enough, the charcoal was too hot. Lucky for me, some bricks were around to make a stand for my grill.


1 Large Fresh Fish
A Handful of Seasalt
2-3 Stalks Lemongrass
1 Galangal Root
3 Cloves Garlic
3 Kaffir Lime Leaves
1 Moonlight, 1 Beach, 1 Sea (Optional)


1. The fish should be gutted and de-scaled, but the fish monger (a market lady in my case) will do that for you.
2. Break and twist the lemongrass to release the flavor, and stuff it in.
3. Break the galangal root and stuff that in.
4. Slice some kaffir and roughly break some cloves of garlic, again, stuff them into the stomach cavity.
5. Press a good handful of course salt into each side of the fish.
6. Light your barbecue and grill is both sides till the salt crush is a little burnt and firm.
7. You can eat a little salt crust to give you saltiness and crunch, but mostly just pull it off the flesh and eat the fish meat.
8. Sand sea and moonlight are optional extra ingredients!

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