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Sweet Glazed Fish ( Bla Wan )


This is traditionally one of the ways we preserve fish in Thailand. In other countries they salt fish, and even though we can now freeze fish, they keep the salted fish for the flavour they remember from their childhood. The same happens in Thailand, we can freeze fish, but the sweetened taste of dried sweet fish has become a tradition.
You can use most types of fish. Fillet and flatten the fish, or get your fish monger to do it and hang it to dry for a day in a cool dark place before beginning to remove excess moisture.

200 gms Dried Fish Fillets
150 gms Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Sesame Seeds

1. Boil the brown sugar in a little water until it completely dissolves.
2. Add the sesame seeds and fish, and continue boiling off any water to form a thick sugar syrup.
3. Make sure the fish is well coated with the sugar, then hang them up to dry.
4. I hang mine in my kitchen, you can see from the photo below my string and clothes peg solution to drying fish! Underneath the fish is a plate for the excess sugar to drip onto.
5. Leave for 1-2 days to dry out, then store them in the fridge or a cool dark place away from flies. Once preserved like that they can usually be eaten up to 6 months later provided they haven't gone moldy.


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