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Tilapia Steamed Rolls ( Bla Tub-Tim Neing Sea Eaw )


Tilapia is common in Thailand & Chinese cuisine. If it's fresh, the flesh is easy to slice and roll, making it ideal for this recipe. Stuffed rolls of tilapia flesh in a soy sauce.

200-300 gms Tilapia (Or Firm Flesh Fish)
50 gms Shrimp Minced
10 gms Chopped Carrots
2 Garlic Cloves
1 Coriander Root
1/4 Teaspoon White Pepper
5 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
Red Chillies

1. Slice the fish flesh to thin flat squares.
2. Pound the garlic, coriander root and white pepper together and mix with the shrimp and chopped carrot.
3. Take a teaspoon of the mixture, place it in the middle of the fish, and roll.
4. Take a strip of seaweed paper and wrap it around the roll.
5. Steam for 10 minutes.
6. Drench in soy sauce and garnish with celery and chillies.

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This looks very good =] I will have to try this..

I just stumbled across your website today.

I have already tried a few of them ^_^

Thank you for the recipes.


In step number two of the "Tilapia Steamed Rolls" recipe, you say to pound the ingredients together. Do you mean to pound in a a "mortar and pestle" type of equipment? I don't have one you see and was wondering if I could just finely chop those ingredients and mix them togehter? There are no Asian stores nearby (2 hour drive away) you see and I don't no where to purchase one since I have only seen the very tiny ones used for spices on rare occassion. Other than that, the recipe looks and "reads" like it would be delicious!

Yes, in Thailand we do this a lot, look in the equipment section of this site.
Another way to do it, is to put the ingredients into a plastic bag and bash them with a rolling pin.

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