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Crunchy Noodle Wrapped Shrimp


I showed you a trick used to literally stretch expensive shrimp to make them go further. Well here's another popular Thai one, they make this in the restaurant I work in. It's a shrimp, seasoned and wrapped in a layer of egg noodles, then fried. The noodles become crunchy and hold in the flavour of the shrimp, and only a few shrimps are needed to make up a whole meal. Better still, the noodles add crunch and texture, otherwise missing from seafood.
I used garlic seasoning powder Rod-Dee, which is a stock powder that's popular here. But you can use a pinch of pepper, salt, and garlic powder, if you can't get Rod-Dee.

8 Large Shrimp
120 gms Dried Egg Noodle
2 Tablespoons Oyster Sauce
1 Teaspoon Rod-dee Garlic Powder


1. Soak the noodles in water for 30 minutes.
2. Drain them carefully. You will be frying them, so you don't want them to spit as the water hits the oil.
3. Shell the shrimp, leaving only the tail on.
4. Cut down the back and front and remove the gut and vein, the black line that runs the length of the shrimp.
5. Mix the oyster and rod-dee powder and spread it over the shrimp.
6. Take 4 long strands of the noodle, line them up. It's easier to wrap the shrimp with 4 noodles at a time.
7. You need to tuck the ends in to stop them coming loose when frying. So start by laying a line of noodles, running head to tail, then coil the noodles back over these strands. Coiling from around the tail, and working towards the head. This traps one end of the noodles under the coil.
8. Once you coiled the noodles up to the head of the shrimp, the next challenge is to tuck the other end of the noodles back under the coiled noodle. You can tuck the noodles one at a time if this is easier for you, you don't need to try to tuck all 4 noodles into the coils in one go.


9. Get a pan of oil medium hot, it needs to be deep enough so the shrimp can be fully submerged in the oil. Drop a test piece of noodle into it, if the noodle takes 30-50 seconds to brown, then the oil is hot enough.
10. Using chopsticks place the noodle wrapped shrimp in the oil, careful, it might spit due to water in the noodles. Fry it until the noodles are starting to brown, which will take less than a minute.
11. Drain on kitchen paper, and serve immediately with sweet plum sauce, or spicy chilli sauce.

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