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Garlic Tiger Prawns

garlic tiger prawns

We farm prawns in Thailand, they're grown in large aerated ponds of water and fed with high protein pellets. It's an industrial scale business here, with almost as many ponds as there are rice paddies. Here in Phuket you're never very far from a shrimp farm. Out in the bay, netting marks the bounds of fish farms, underwater fields growing popular fish varieties like Tilapia and Makarel.

So seafood is plentiful and cheap, and a dozed fresh large tiger prawns can be bought for only a few US$. The tourists come for the lobster, which is famous on Phuket, but they pay a premium for it, when tiger prawns offer the same meat, in a more tender form for a lower price.

A favorite way to serve them is just with a little garlic and coriander, it enhances the flavor without swamping it. Watch the video after the break.

6 Large Tiger Prawns
6 Cloves Garlic
1 Tablespoon Oil
1 Handful Coriander Leaves

1. Cut down the back of the tiger prawns and take out the thread gut. Make the cut deep enough for the stuffing. Leave the head and shell on, it helps to keep the juices in.
2. Rinse a little, not too much, you want to keep the flavor of the prawns, not wash it away.
3. Chop and crush the garlic. A little salt on the chopping board makes it easier to crush.
4. Cut the coriander finely, mix it into the garlic.
5. Press this mixture into the cut down the back of each prawn.
6. Grill both sides until the meat it white all the way through.
7. Serve with grilled vegetables and rice. I like to have a few slightly spicy chillies and sweet chillies grilled to add a bit of a Thai burn to it.

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