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Omelette Cha Om ( Kai Jiew Chai On )


Omelette Cha Om is a type of Thai-fried egg omelette with 'cha om' vegetable. The vegetable is quite unpleasant when uncooked, it has a sulfurous smell similar to the smell of pond weed. Once cooked, though, the bad smell disappears leaving a much more mild flavour. Cha om is also used with curry soup, and eaten as a side vegetable either fresh or boiled by Thai people.
Note, this omelette is very spicy and contains a lot of chillis, you can reduce the chilli quantity if you prefer.

Ingredient for 2 people
100 gms. Cha-Om vegetable. (use only the soft top of the shoots)
3 Eggs.
2 Red Chillies.
1 Garlic Clove.
1/2 Teaspoons white ground pepper.
1 Tablespoon Fish Sauce (Omit for vegetarian).
1 Teaspoon Light Soya Sauce.
3 Tablespoons Oil.

1. Break the egg put in a bowl.
2. Chop the Cha-Om vegetable to 4 cm lengths and add to the bowl.
3. Cut the chillies int 2 cm lengths, and add them, together with the fish sauce, light soya sauce, and pepper.
4. Mix the ingredients well.
5. Chop of garlic clove into small pieces.
6. Add the oil in a heated frying pan wait until it is hot add the garlic and fry for a few seconds.
7. Add the egg mixture.
8. Fry for 2 minutes, turn it over, fry for a further two minutes.

Serve with
Hot rice
Spicy sauce, e.g. chopped chilli and fish sauce mix.

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Sam Grey:

I used to order this daily at one of the many food stands outside of Chiang Mai University (where I studied for two years). If I remember correctly, the dish was called (colloquially) "rotten vegetable omelette" by my Thai friends. It came with a sweet, shrimp-coloured (and flavoured) sauce that was VERY potent. I adore this dish! Thanks so much for the recipe - I only hope I can find cha om in my hometown now that I'm back in Canada.

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