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Crunchy Eggs ( Koa Niew hor kai Kam )


These eggs are sticky (glutinous) rice wrapped around a salty egg yolk and deep fried. I know what you're thinking - how can I keep an egg yolk from breaking while I wrap stick rice around it?! It's very easy with salty eggs, the egg yolk of a salted egg is quite solid and doesn't break. I eat these with a spicy dipping sauce, the sauce adds the flavour, the rice and egg form the bulk of the snack.
The golden rule is: it must be sticky rice, normal rice will not work and it must be a salty egg.

Ingredients for 3 People
5 Salty Eggs Yolks
200 gms Pre-steamed Sticky Rice
1 Tablespoon Salt
Oil for Deep Frying

1. Take a lump (approx 1/5th) of the sticky rice in your hand and press it into a bowl shape.
2. Take one of the salty egg yolks and drop it into the middle, then fold up the edges to enclose the yolk.
3. Heat the oilt o 190 degrees celsius and deep fry the sticky rice ball. Cook until light brown and the yolk will be soft, cook it to darker brown for a hard yolk.

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