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Phuket Breakfast ( Kiem Kooy )


This is a traditional Phuket breakfast, tiny little pots of a steamed plain rice flour base, flavored with chopped dried shrimp, fried garlic, spring onion and a spicy sweet sauce. You can serve then either in their pots, as I've done, or scoop them out, and then cover them with the traditional garnish and serve. Served out of the pots and ready covered with the garnish, is how they're traditionally served, but that's only because they need to empty the pots to make the next batch! I think it's a nice ceremony to serve them in the pots and let the guests garnish their own breakfast.

Think 'sweet shrimp' and you've captured the dominant flavors, then an after kick from the chillie. The traditional pots can be bought from Super Cheap, if you visit Phuket.

The four garnishes: fried garlic, sweet sauce, dried shrimp, spring onion.

Ingredients for Steam Rice Cake
100 gms Rice Flour
100 gms Water
100 gms Hot Water
1/2 Teaspoon Salt

Ingredients for Dressing
50 gms Dried Shrimps (Fry them to crunchy, then chop them to be smaller)
2 Tablespoons Chopped Spring Onion
2 Tablespoons Fried Chopped Garlic

Ingredients for Sauce
3-5 Red Chilies
2-4 Garlic Cloves
100 gms Water
100 gms Vinegar
185 gms Sugar
1 Tablespoon Salt


1. Start with the steamed rice cakes.
2. Mix Rice flour, water, hot water and salt together.
3. Put the little pots in the steamer, empty, and get your steamer up to temperature (and the pots with them).
4. Pour the mix into the little pots, and steam for 15 minutes, make sure they're set.
5. Next to the garnishes, fry the dried shrimp until crunchy, chop them to be a little smaller and place in a bowl.
6. Chop the spring onions and place in a bowl.
7. Fried garlic is a staple in Thailand, you can just buy it, but the fried garlic recipe is also on my site if you need to make it yourself. Make a lot, it's a great garnish and keeps for months and months.
8. The sauce is next, pound or blend the chillies and garlic together.
9. Add all the sauce ingredients into a pan, and bring to the boil, boil for 1 minute.
10. You only want the liquid, so sieve out the garlic and chillies out, or just ladle out the liquid part.
11. Place that liquid in a bowl.
12. The breakfast is served at room temperature, take a rice pot, garnish and eat.

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