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Strawberry, Chocolate, Pork Crepe


Over on my Thai Life blog, I'm showing a street vendor selling a typical Thai dish. A crepe made with strawberries, chocolate and pork.

If you've never visited my other blogs, 'Travel' is for sights, trips and recurring events that you may like to visit while in Thailand, well once you've done all the mainstream popular things. Things like boat festivals, and floating markets that Thai's visit but not foreigners.
Life is for transient things, arts and crafts, anything that takes my interest.

Also coming up soon will be an application for Android handsets, to search and browse the recipe site more easily on those phones. For iPhone users I added a mobile version of Appon's Thai Recipes a few years ago.

Finally, you may have noticed more baking on the site than before. I went on a baking course, since baked foods are increasingly popular in Thailand. You'll be seeing quite a few more as I learn more.

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