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Isan Sausage with Old Fish Sauce ( Side Gorg Isan Pa la Sub )


A stronger sausage, similar to Side Gorg Isan, but with the added kick of old fish paste. This is something of an acquired taste, unless you are use to old fish sauce, try the sour or plain version of this sausage first.

150 gms Pork Mince
100 gms Sticky Rice ( Steamed )
50 gms Galangal
50 gms Lemon Grass
5 Garlic Cloves
3 Coriander Roots
5 Chillies
4 Kaffir Leaves
2 Tablespoons Old Fish Chilli Paste
1/2 Teaspoon White Pepper

1. Blend the galangal, lemon grass garlic, chillies, coriander root, and kaffir leaves together.
2. If the cooked sticky is too hard, soak it in water for 5 minutes.
3. Add all the remaining ingredients.
4. Pipe into the sausage skin.

Comments (3)

Chef Jay:

Dear Appon
I have noticed you posted no new articles for a while and although i miss the recipes , I am concerned that you are Oh. As a group owner on Yahoo chefs_table , I know how important it is to post and since your absence hav been woorried about you. I have njoyed your posts for over a year and feel as though you are a friend , so I hope this finds you well. My very Best to you. Jay

I'm fine, but the blog is taking a back seat to other work right now.

abdul hanif:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am looking for a grocery store in Houston, TX, to purchase 'pickled green peppercorns in brine' or 'thieu xanh hot'. I had purchased a 16 oz bottle for $1.59 at Hong Kong Market on Scarsdale Blvd, Houston, but they are not carrying this item any more.
Your assistance is appreciated.
Abdul Hanif

[Appon] Anyone know?


Dear Ms Appon (I am not sure of the correct form of address, so hope Ms is OK)

I am interested in making my own "old fish sauce" following

and have a jar of pickled cat fish (mam ca tre) and pickled snake head fish (mam ca loc) from my local asian grocery store here in SE London.

Will there be a noticeable difference if I use these rather than the pickled spotted featherback? Is one fish more refined or preferable to the others?

The young lady behind the counter said her mother cooked the fish (i.e. added it to the boiling water) before allowing it to cool and then ferment but your recipe suggests otherwise and after considerable searching on google I can't find anything definitive in english.

Is this one of those circumstances where there isn't a right or wrong way, just a difference in family recipes?

[Appon] I don't think boiling is worth it, the pickling would already have involved a sterilization.

One other thing that interests me is the rice. Could it be that the rice is actually important to the fermentation process rather than "rice powder to thicken" as you mention in your article above?

[Appon]I don't think so, the pickling stop most bacterial action, I think they add it just to bind the fish in the jar to stop it settling into layers.
I think it should be perfectly possible to use other pickled fish to make old fish sauce. Although if you're not familiar with the smell you may prefer to use bottle regular fish sauce.

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