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Stir Fried Vegetables


This recipe is definitely not just for vegetarians, it's a staple I cook 3 or 4 times a week! It's so simple and quick to cook too. Don't get too obsessed with the exact vegetables used, I've used the local southern Thai vegetables, including things like coconut shoots and Kanah, but you can make this dish anywhere with any crisp vegetable mix.

Assorted Green Leaf Vegetables
Assorted Mushrooms
Assorted Crunchy Vegetables
Oyster Sauce
Light Soy Sauce
Oil for frying


The ingredients list is a bit vague, so let me go into detail on what I'm using:
1. The stalks of the Kanah, and Broccoli cut up finely.
2. Carrot
3. Baby Sweetcorn
4. Coconut shoots
5. Mushrooms Oyster/Enoki/Shitake
6. Onion
7. Kanah (Chinese Broccoli leaves)
8. Broccoli
9. Baby tomatoes

1. Clean/Prep the vegetables
2. Broccoli, has a thick stalk, but the outer part can be fried too. Cut it into fine batons. DIscard the woody interior and use the outer parts of the stalk in the stir fry.
3. Of course, you include the broccoli florets too.
4. You want them to cook all at the same time, tough stalks need to be cut into fine batons, but easier, softer vegetables can be left whole, or in large pieces.
5. Baby tomatoes are soft and can be left whole.
6. Baby sweet corn is better cut into batons.
7. Chinese broccoli (Kanah) can be cut into big bite sized chunks.
8. Heat a little oil in the pan, get the pan good and hot.
9. Spoon a tablespoon of Oyster sauce into the pan, it will begin to fry.
10. Add all the vegetables, turn them over to stop them actually frying, stir-frying is more about heat-and-steam than oil-and-fry!
11. They will give off water which steams them, cover with a lid to keep this steam in.
12. Spoon a tablespoon of light soy sauce over the vegetables.
13. Turn them every 30 seconds or so, they'll cook in about two and a half minutes.

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