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Roasted Peking Duck (Bet Yang Haw Roow Tee )


This is a signature Chinese dish rather than Thai, but save some of the duck, we will need it for two Thai recipes in the following days. Ideally the duck should be prepared a day ahead, in Chinese kitchens then tie the duck skin and blow it up with air to separate the skin from the duck to make the skin more crispy, but this step it not practical at home.

Ingredients for the Duck
1 Whole Duck
Palm Sugar
Dark Soy

Preparation for the Duck
1. Clean and wash the duck.
2. Scald the skin by pouring boiling water over it.
3. Take your fingers and run them under the duck skin to separate skin from fat.
4. Pat the skin dry with kitchen paper.
5. Dissolve palm sugar in soy sauce, and brush it over the duck, leave to dry and brush again to build up a good coating.
6. Roast in the oven, on a raised grill, 1 hour per kilo in a medium oven is typical, for the last 5 minutes turn the heat up to crisp the skin.


Ingredients for Pancakes
200 gms Flour
Very Hot Water
Sesame Seed Oil

Preparation of Pancakes
1. Place the flour in a large bowl.
2. Boil the water and let it cool back a little.
3. Take a wooden spoon, pour the hot water into the flour and mix as you do it.
4. Add enough water to form a strong dough.
5. Take small pieces of the dough and roll them into balls.
6. Dip the base of a ball in sesame seed oil, and press it against another ball. The oil will let you separate these two pancakes after cooking.
7. Roll the two pancakes together on a flat clean surface until thin.
8. Cook them in a dry hot frying pan, don't let them brown, they should be cooked but still a little doughy.
9. Let them cool, then peel apart the two pancakes.

Serve With
Spring Onion Brushes (cut the ends of the spring onions into a fan, then drop them in ice water to curl them)
Hoisin Sauce
Plum Sauce
Cucumber Sticks

To Eat
Take some of the skin, duck, sauces, spring onion and cucumber and roll then in a pancake and eat!

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