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Savoury Kanom Tokyo ( Crepe Hot Dog )


You've seen the sweet version of Kanom Tokyo before. There is also this savoury version in Thailand, which is a very simple dish of hotdog sausages wrapped in pancakes and served with sweet chilli sauce. After yesterdays complicated picnic box, I thought I do something a little simpler today.

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Hot Dog & Spring Onion Chilli Salad ( Yum Hot Dog )


This is a side dish that's cheap and simple, it uses hot dog sausages together with green spring onions and chilli to spice it up. In Thailand dishes like this are called "gop-gam", snacks served with beer at night, but it can also be served with rice to make a full meal.

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Thai Style Hotdogs ( Hotdogs Tod )


This is how we often eat hotdogs in our house. Rather than boil them in water and eat them in bread, we deep fry them and eat them with rice and spicy chilli sauce. Recipes don't come any simpler than this.

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Sausage Donuts ( Donuts Cai Grog )


These are sausage donuts and quite popular in Thailand, a savory version of the donut, wrapped around a sausage and fried. High calorie, high salt, but tasty. I think these must have originated from the west. On behalf of Thailand, I accept no blame for these, you are adults, you take care of your own arteries.

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