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Sausage Donuts ( Donuts Cai Grog )


These are sausage donuts and quite popular in Thailand, a savory version of the donut, wrapped around a sausage and fried. High calorie, high salt, but tasty. I think these must have originated from the west. On behalf of Thailand, I accept no blame for these, you are adults, you take care of your own arteries.

700 gms All Purpose Flour
7 gms Dried Yeast
10 gms Baking Powder
20 gms Milk Powder
50 gms Sugar
10 gms Salt
2 Medium Eggs (about 100gms of egg)
370 gms Water
100 gms Butter
30 Hot Dog Sausages
Egg Yolk for Brushing
Breadcrumbs for Dusting

1. In a mixer using the dough hook (or dough mixer, usually a plastic blade), mix flour, baking powder, dried yeast and milk powder, just until mixed.
2. Separately mix the salt, sugar, eggs and water in a jug, then add that to the dried ingredients and mix, 5-10 minutes to combine them well.
3. Add the butter, and mix on slow for 40 minutes. If the dough sticks to the sides, push it back into the center. 40 minutes is a long time not a typing mistake. Take a pinch of the dough pull it out into a film, it should pull out into a thin film, without breaking, if it doesn't you need to mix it longer. This is why it takes so long.
4. Put the dough onto wax paper, cover with a damp cloth and leave it in a warm place to double in size and become spongy.
5. Cut the dough into 40 gms pieces. Roll them into balls and leave for 10 minutes.
6. Roll out these balls into a long string 20 cms long by rolling them between the palm of your hands and a worktop. You want a long thin 'sausage shaped' roll of dough which is as even in thickness as you can make it.
7. Take a hotdog sausage, starting from one end, wrap the dough around it in a spiral of dough. Tuck the ends of the spiral back in under the spiral and press, this is so that the spiral doesn't come undone when frying.
8. Brush with egg yolk and roll in bread crumbs for texture.
9. Fry in oil 180 degrees celsius until brown, best to cut one open and check it's cooked and adjust the cooking accordingly.
10. Drain on kitchen paper and eat.
11. Now eat some fruit, it's not part of the recipe, it'll just help with the guilt.

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