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March 26, 2014

Please support democracy in Thailand

Please support democracy in Thailand. No more unelected leaders!

Posting will be suspended for a while.

March 22, 2014

Yellow Chicken Curry and Roti


What roti meal would be complete without the traditional southern Thai curry that accompanies it! I covered roti making earlier (link), while your roti is resting you have a few hours spare to prepare the curry. There's enough curry here for the 16 rotis in the roti recipe. Since it's a southern curry, and since there's more Muslims in the south, it's naturally a chicken curry rather than pork, but you can also use pork.

An optional but traditional side dish is the cucumber and onion relish. This is a nice thing to have, the sweet sour onion relish adds an extra dimension to the curry dish, but it's not essential.
In Thailand, we usually have a shared pot of curry, and everyone spoons some of the curry onto their roti as they eat. Together with some spoonfuls of the side relish.

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Roti Plain, Egg or Sweet


I've been visiting a local annual festival here in Phuket, and being in the South of Thailand, Roti is a staple of the food here. A roti is a cross between a pancake and flat bread, thin like a pancake but with a worked dough like a flat bread. When plain or with garlic it's good for dipping in curries, but it can be eaten sweet as a dessert or savory with egg and other fillings on a picnic.

I'm making three variations, plain, with egg and the sweet version. All done in the style of a roti chef I've met, who taught me the roti style they use down here in the south!

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March 18, 2014

Quails Eggs, Perfect Carny Food


It's festival time in Talang, Phuket, and it's often so easy to overlook one of the simplest and yet tasty festival foods... fried quails eggs garnished with Maggie sauce and a dash of white pepper.

You don't have to wait for carnivals to eat these, beer nights in front of the television are the perfect time for this snack too!

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March 11, 2014

Sweet Banana Rice Parcels ( Kao Tum Pad )


These parcels are a delicious and slightly sweet combination of sticky rice and bananas. If you can, use red bananas, a sweeter type of banana that makes an interesting contrast colour, although you can use yellow bananas as I've done for this photograph. For presentation it is better to wrap these in banana leaves, but you can also use tinfoil.

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Rice Soup & Trimmings ( Kao Tom Gury )


The base for this dish is very simple plain rice soup. However the rice is just a carrier for the flavours of the side dishes. The main elements are salty duck eggs [saltiness], century/thousand year old eggs in breadcrumbs with chillies [crunch & hotness], pickled cabbage [sour], and pickled turnip, peanuts & egg [crunchy & tangy]. Stir fried vegetables are also served to bulk up the dish.
The side dishes are normally shared, everyone takes some of the side dish and eats it with their own rice. Some mouthfuls of rice are spicy, some tangy, some salty. Imagine biting into a mouthful of plain rice with almost no taste then hitting a salty duck egg yolk for a burst of salt! This is one of the most underrated Thai dishes.

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