Cassava Cake ( Kanoom Babin Mun Sum Pa Lung )


This cake is made from shredded cassava, a sort of Asian version of carrot cake.

200 gms Grated Cassava
150 gms Sugar
50 gms Grated Coconut or Dessicated Coconut
Pinch of Salt
100 ml Water with Jasmin Flavour

1. Mix everything together in a saucepan, heat over a medium heat, and keep stirring.
2. Bring to the boil and cook through for 5 minutes. You want quite a firm mixture at the end of this, so cook off excess liquid at this stage.
3. Lightly oil a baking dish, pour the mixture in and cook at 180 degrees celsius until the top is browned.
4. Leave to cool, cut into cubes and serve. I like to eat this in the morning with tea.

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