Salim (Sweet Noodle Thai Dessert)


Salim is sweet coloured mung bean noodles flavoured with jasmin. A traditional favourite of Thailand, although not very photogenic! There is a shortcut you can use if you don't want to make the noodle, you can simply buy it and add colour it.

120 gms Mung Bean Flour
236 ml Water
1-2 Drops Of Jasmin Flavour
Food Color

1. Mix the ming bean, water and color together (For each colour you make you need to start with fresh water to avoid the colour spreading).
2. Heat in a pan, stirring until the flour is cooked and has gone clear.
3. Press the gloopy mixture through a fine sieve into a bowl of icewater. It will set to form fine noodles.
4. Drain, then add the jasmin flavour.
5. Serve with coconut milk, sugar syrup and crushed ice.

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