Isaan Rice Wine ( Sato )


Sato is a home made rice wine, made from fermenting sticky rice with water and yeast. You will need the
dried yeast culture to make this. It's much more like a beer than a wine, and it need not be alcoholic, you can make a sweet Sato by fermenting for only a short period of time.
The golden rule is cleanliness! Any mould contamination will ruin the Sato, so you must clean everything in hot water and clean your hands carefully. The water should also be boiled and then cooled to make it sterile. If your water is chlorinated it can affect the yeast, so leave the water to stand for the chlorine to escape before using it.


When in Thailand, try the commercially made Sato, or one of the commercial Thai Beers. The commercial Sato below is Chaopraya, which is one of the better ones, but my preferred one is 'click' at the top of the article.


100 gms. Sticky Rice
1 Call of Dried Yeast
Cold Boiled Water
1-2 ltr Jar

1. Soak the sticky rice overnight.
2. Steam the rice until cooked (abount 15 minutes), rinse it with cool water until the rice is cool and no longer sticky.
3. Put the sticky rice in to clean jar add yeast in. Stir until mixed, fill the jar with the water to the top and stir.
4. Keep in a dark place at room temperature. After 1 week taste the sato and it should be sweet, at this point you can filter it through muslin, and drink it. You can also leave it longer, the longer you leave it, the less sweet and more alcoholic it gets.

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